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Student Journey – Anne Seager

Student Journey – Anne Seager

Hello there! My name is Anne Seager

Yoga has changed my life for the better. For me yoga offers a caring, supportive environment where you can just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are older or have limited mobility you can still benefit.

I’m a country girl from a wheat and sheep farm 130 kilometres north of Perth, near the historical town of New Norcia. Although I only spent my first 12 years on the farm before heading off to boarding school, it was a great upbringing and I love going back for visits.
I work three days a week as a Business Manager for a training company and have been happily married for more than 25 years. I stopped working full-time to care for my Dad, Mum and parents-in-law as they all went through different health issues.

I did a few yoga classes in my 20’s but a car accident stopped that for a while – then I got busy and forgot about yoga!! We moved to Kalamunda 5 years ago and as soon as we arrived I started looking for a yoga class as I thought it might help with my arthritis, anxiety and sleep.

I went to the Jack Healy Centre and noticed a sign on the board that advertised classes. I wrote down Deb’s number and called. That call changed my life for the better. Deb was lovely on the phone and even nicer in person. She made me feel very welcome, even though I’ve always had trouble balancing and working out my left and right hand sides – it was challenging but fun.

Deb then moved to her own Yoga Shala which has been great. You get to meet lots of people, and I’ve attended many of Deb’s classes including the Sunday morning Yoga in Park during summer. I also had the fabulous Caity (Deb’s daughter) for the Yin/Yang class on Friday mornings, however as she is now travelling the world so now I go to Amanda’s relaxing Yin/Yang class. I’ve also been to Jill’s relaxing Sunday yoga session and Rachel’s Yin/Yoga Nidra 2 hour sessions for a wonderful yin and meditation.

I even went to one of Deb’s classes after Dad died and I cried throughout the class. The lovely thing was that it didn’t matter and I felt so much better afterwards. Deb is great at organising extra events and I’ve taken my beautiful Mum to the special sound healing workshop with Julian Silburn.

Here I am four years later, attending two classes a week – feeling a lot stronger, with improved balance, definitely sleeping better, and most importantly remembering to take time out for myself. In my spare time, I love walking, snow skiing and the odd game of golf with friends. As you can see from the photo my golf style is unique!

I also enjoyed sharing the gifts and benefits of yoga with some work colleagues last October as part of Safe Work Month. It was a fun experience with over 18 people signing up for Deb’s sessions. I think they enjoyed the meditation session at the end – once that eye pillow was on, everyone relaxed.

Yoga has changed my life for the better. My Doctor said I would need a hip replacement, however the regular yoga classes have managed to put that off (for the time being) which I’m very thankful for. It’s also taught me to slow down, improve my breathing and to be grateful for the simple things in life. I always love the way Deb ends her class by saying “you are perfect just the way you are”.

For me yoga offers a caring, supportive environment where you can just be yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are older or have limited mobility you can still benefit.