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Lily Winning – My Yoga Story

Lily Winning – My Yoga Story

Lily is a qualified yoga teacher and Massage Therapist and daughter of Principal – Deb

“Yoga is what light’s Lily up and is passionate about sharing her love of this practice with those that feel the call to join her.”

Finding Yoga

Lily began her yoga journey when she was 16 while her mum (Deb) was doing a Yoga Teacher Training.

She realised how potent and powerful this practice was and knew how important it felt to share this ‘medicine’ with the community.

Becoming a yoga teacher

Three years later she moved to Byron Bay and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Flo Fenton’s yoga school – Intouch Yoga.

It was an incredibly pivotal time of Lily’s life and not only did she deepen her practice and gain knowledge of the philosophy and anatomy behind yoga she felt this course allowed her to land in her own essence of truth.

Lily’s yoga practice

Lily’s focusses on the importance of the breath throughout the practice as well as the ability to quieten the volume of our thoughts as we practice. Her philosophy is “yoga is for everyone” and no matter what age, background, belief system, gender, shape, ability you are – there is a practice that can be created, aligned and modified for you.

Lily has a warm and welcoming nature and encourages the practice to be a non-judgemental space where you can bring a child-like curiosity to the asanas. She has a passion for our natural world and has been backpacking through many different magical corners of our planet.

Yoga is what light’s Lily up and is passionate about sharing her love of this practice with those that feel the call to join her.

Please go to the Yoga Centred Schedule to come & join her in class.

Outside the Shala


Lily offers a 60-minute full body relaxation massage that incorporates breath and a gentle embodiment meditation. Working rhythmically through each area of the body and she releases physical and emotional stress using deep, soothing techniques. Incorporating a personalised blend of essential oils throughout the treatment, all senses are invited to float away and a sense of tranquillity is invited to wash over the entire body.
Fee: $80:00


Lily offers vegetarian whole food catering for retreats and events. Her love of cooking is woven through her philosophy of ‘food as medicine and eating as a celebration of life’
Her devotion to not only nourishing and fuelling but also creating meals that ignite all the senses is what makes Lily’s catering a delight for all those she has the blessing and honour of sharing her cooking with. Please email your enquiry: Lily Winning –


  • 200 Hour Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training – Intouch Yoga
  • Yoga for Kids & Families Teacher Training Certification – Rainbow Kids Yoga
  • Certificate IV Massage Therapy – South Regional Tafe