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Deb Winning – My Yoga Story

Deb Winning – My Yoga Story

Deb is the Studio Principal and Owner of Yoga Centred. Learn more about Deb and her journey through yoga in her story below.

Yoga is such a wonderful tool for self-transformation.”

Finding Yoga

Deb comes from a background in the health and fitness industry, where she loved the physicality of working out, and the health benefits she gained but was looking for something more.

It didn’t take long and soon she found Yoga. She tried a few different styles of yoga including Bikram, Kundalini and Hatha, and then found Vinyasa Yoga.  It was so much more than a physical form of activity – more of a way of life.  After each class, she felt amazing – rejuvenated, with a sense of peace within.  So the natural progression was to do some teacher training.

Becoming a yoga teacher

Firstly, Deb studied in Thailand with ‘It’s Yoga’- an intensive month of practising every day combined with theory. This training, albeit challenging and sometimes overwhelming, was such a great foundation to build upon.  Secondly was with Tamara Yoga and this was completed over a two year period part-time.  

These trainings really cemented her love of Yoga, and she knew this was what she was meant to do in her life.  In Yoga, this is called your Dharma (true calling).  This is what Deb was put on Earth to do, to teach Yoga – such a blessing.

Deb started teaching in a small local hall with a few students.   Sometimes no one turned up and she wondered was Yoga teaching for her?  Or was she even good enough?  But she didn’t give up – she believed in Yoga and she knew what a difference it can make.  She trusted that the Universe had her back, and it did!

She is a forever student and has enjoyed many trips to Bali & Thailand to experience a deeper connection to Yoga and to be inspired by others from around the world.

Deb’s yoga practice

Now Deb is the owner of the Yoga Shala in Kalamunda with a beautiful community to share this practice with.  She is very humbled and forever thankful to teach and share this wisdom of Yoga with others.  Deb teaches everyone from beginners to the more advanced practitioner.  She facilitates various Workshops, Mini Urban Retreats, and Yoga Retreats in Australia and Bali. Deb also provides a One on One Sound Massage service for deep relaxation.

In her classes she likes to teach people not poses. 

Yoga is such a wonderful tool for self-transformation.  Deb has experienced this personally and has seen this many times with her students.   It brings her great joy to see how Yoga can bring joy and contentment into one’s life.

Deb feels honoured and privileged to share the gift of Yoga. 

Deb currently teaches Mondays, Tuesdays and on the weekends. 

Please go to the Yoga Centred Schedule to come & join her in class.

Outside the Shala

Deb loves getting out and connecting with nature at every opportunity she gets.

She enjoys escaping to the beach to recharge and clear her mind. Deb says “There’s nothing better than a dip in the ocean to wash away any tension and worries”.

Deb also has found a new love for bushwalking. She is lucky enough to live in the Perth Hills surrounded by some wonderful bush trails which she is currently exploring, including parts of the Bibbulmun Track.


  • 200 Hour Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – It’ Yoga / KoPhangan Thailand
  • 350 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training – Tamara Yoga / Claremont WA
  • Healing Through Breath Centred Yoga Certification – Leslie Kaminoff
  • Kids Yoga / Yogi Junior Certificate – Treacy Meyer / Perth WA
  • Yoga for Kids & Families Teacher Training Certification – Rainbow Kids Yoga / Melbourne Victoria
  • Yin Yoga Teacher Training (Myofascial Release, MyoYin & Spine Anatomy) – Jo Phee /Yinspiration / Perth WA
  • Certified Chakra Card Practitioner Level 1 – Alyssa Curtayne / Perth WA
  • Sound Massage Practitioner Level I & II – Peter Hess Institute / Ute Coleman / Fremantle WA