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Yoga, Kalamunda – Group Classes, Workshops & Retreats

Yin/Yang Yoga

Yin/Yang Yoga

Yin & Yang work together to deliver a strong, flexible body & calm mind

Yin and Yang are two opposing energies, working together to create perfect harmony.

Yin practice works deeply into the connective tissues (fascia and joints) and brings balance to the organs in the body. Yin includes slow, purposeful movements and holds. Through stillness Yin Yoga allows us observe, nurture, soothe and calm ourselves.

Yang involves more active and dynamic Yoga movements to refresh the body’s vibrancy and maintain health.

Regular practice of Yin/Yang increases strength and flexibility and calms the mind.

Yin promotes stillness

Yang is active and dynamic

Increases strength and flexibility

Practice can be modified to suit everyone

Classes twice a week

Promotes relaxation

Weekly Class Timetable

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