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Christina Roy – My Yoga Story

Christina Roy – My Yoga Story

Christina came to teaching thanks to the warm and supportive environment at Yoga Centred. After falling in love with yoga and the many holistic and spiritual benefits, Christina now teaches Vinyasa yoga at the Shala. Learn more about Christina and her journey through yoga below.

Christina feels privileged to be able to give back to the yoga community here at Yoga Centred, which has brought her so much joy and energy.

Finding Yoga

Christina first began her practice nearly ten years ago with Power yoga, a type of Vinyasa that tends to be heated and highly physical/athletic. While she was first just seeking a good sweat, she quickly realized the many physical, mental, and emotional health benefits a steady practice brings, and found herself drawn to the more spiritual and intuitive offerings of teachers.

Becoming a yoga teacher

Christina had wanted to take on the challenge of yoga teacher training for years but had never felt quite ready to take the plunge. After joining Yoga Centred, the community at the Shala was so welcoming and supportive, she finally felt ready to embrace this next phase in her yoga journey. In February of 2021, she began her training to become a certified Vinyasa teacher and in July of 2021, she officially finished her program. She feels privileged to be able to give back to the yoga community here at Yoga Centred, which has brought her so much joy and energy. 

Her hope is to help others connect to their own body and intuition in order to expand their practice beyond the physical postures so they can experience the holistic benefits. She believes yoga is a mirror through which we can explore ourselves, increase our resilience, and shift how we navigate life events/the world around us. Christina also looks forward to continuing her education and learning more about trauma-informed yoga and creating more inclusive yoga environments.

Christina’s yoga practice

Since moving to Australia, she has shifted more towards a traditional Vinyasa practice and her emphasis has pivoted towards alignment, longevity, and playfulness.  She has also prioritized exploring the other limbs of yoga (particularly inspired by the Yamas and Niyamas) and using them as a means of transforming her whole personhood.

Outside the Shala

Christina is a Seattle, Washington native, who now resides in the hills of Perth with her husband and two furbabies, Winnie and Toby. She enjoys hikes, a good latte, and a great story (be it a book, podcast, or tv/movie). 


  • 200 HR Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification, Yoga School Collaborative